On November 15th, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer held a public hearing on East River Realty’s proposal to rezone and develop the former East Side Con Edison site, which calls for building seven towers along First Avenue south of 42nd Street, ranging from 32 to 69 stories high. Based on Community feedback, Stringer has decided to oppose many aspects of this development. According to a statement released yesterday, “(Stringer’s) analysis shows that significant development can be carried out at this site without causing the traffic problems, or the shadows on nearby open space, that the current proposal entails. More can and should be done to embrace the planning principles of the surrounding community.” More on his recommendations here. (in PDF form)

The planning principles of this community can be found in Community Board 6’s 197-a Plan, now scheduled for consideration at a public meeting by the Department of City Planning on December 5. Unfortunately, the 197-a Plan is being considered alongside the developer’s plan for the ConEd site. (Manhattanville, anyone?) CB6 has even created another plan specifically for the ConEd site, which has fo far been ignored.

Please attend the public hearing on Dec. 5 at 10 am at 22 Reade Street and show your support for community-based planning in New York City.