Manhattanville MapAnd now the information we’ve been waiting for since the Department of City Planning approved both the Manhattan CB9 197-a Plan and the Columbia Rezoning Plan just a few short weeks ago, leaving it up to the City Council to figure out the pesky details of making two opposed plans exist simultaneously: The City Council’s public hearing:

There will be a joint meeting of the Zoning & Franchises and the Planning, Dispositions & Concessions Committees on the Manhattanville re-zoning on December 12 at 10:00 a.m. in the Council Chambers at City Hall. Zoning & Franchises will be voting on Columbia’s 197-c plan and Planning, Dispositions & Concessions will be voting on CB9’s 197-a plan. Columbia and CB 9 will be making presentations first. These are expected to last about one hour each, according to information from Tony Avella’s office. Public testimony will be allowed after the presentations. The two committees’ chairs, Avella and Daniel Garodnick have committed to stay until everyone is heard.

This is a crucial opportunity to speak in favor of Community-Based Planning in New York City. This website has not existed long enough to have covered this ongoing debacle as yet, but updated and thorough information can be found here. The results of this hearing will have dramatic implications for the community planning process in NYC. All organizations who are involved in their communities have a stake. This will be the only hearing before the City Council and the only opportunity for public testimony. Please show your support for CB9!

photo via Columbia News.