An announcement from Task Force Members GWAPP, aka. the Greenpoint Waterfront Association for Parks and Planning:

“The neighborhoods of Greenpoint/Williamsburg are at a point of crisis and opportunity. Crisis because rampant development threatens what little open space and parks we have. Promises of additional open space made in the 2005 rezoning have never materialized. However, opportunities abound. We have promises made for terrific park facilities all over the neighborhood. We just have to make it happen. But we need your help. This month, GWAPP will host a Town Hall meeting to update the community on parks and rezoning in the neighborhood. We�ll also update you on the TGE power plant fight (no, folks it ain’t over yet). Here’s a sneak peak at the agenda:
* What is GWAPP? * TGE power plant fight *Sludge tank status * India Street End Park Project * Transmitter Park (end of Greenpoint Ave) *Bushwick Inlet park plans * McCarren Park Pool renovation* State Park at N7th * Tree Planting
Bring friends and family. FREE BABYSITTING!”

The meeting will be at 7pm on Jan 17th at WARSAW, 261 Driggs Ave in Greenpoint.