The Hudson Yards Community Advisory Committee, an official community coalition made up of members of Community Board 4, local electeds and community organizations, has written an open letter to the MTA in response to the development proposals for the area, which were presented to the public in December.

The letter goes into detail about the following 13 points:

  1. There is too much density for a successful environment. 
  2. There is no public infrastructure and no commitment to build it. 
  3. There is no plan for affordable housing. 
  4. Allowing changes in the ERY zoning and WRY design guidelines will create a better plan. 
  5. Make real New York City blocks. 
  6. Big open space may not be best.    
  7. The entire High Line can and must be preserved. 
  8. Require a genuine commitment to sustainability.         
  9. Strong labor provisions and opportunities for minority- and women-owned businesses must be provided. 
  10. Put the school in a good location.
  11. Modify the cultural facility zoning on the ERY, since there is no committed not-for-profit user. 
  12. Make good connections to Hudson River Park.
  13. The financial aspects of the proposals must be made public.

Read the full letter over at Rail Yards Blog.