An update in the ongoing discussion about the AIA’s proposed zoning text amendments: Historic Districts Council, which previously held a meeting to explain these very technical changes to the public, has released its

official statement of opposition to the amendments.

An excerpt: “In addition to objections to individual parts of this proposal, HDC objects to the way in which these amendments have been proposed, which sought to circumvent the public review process which allows communities to have a voice in guiding development in their own neighborhoods.”

Their suggestion for the next step is as follows: “In the best possible scenario, this proposal would be withdrawn and the City Planning Commission would embark on a study of these amendments, which, if deemed desirable, could be introduced individually by the agency to all its community partners. Anything less would a betrayal of New Yorkers’ faith in our planning commission and an enormous and unnecessary concession to those who wish to spur development at any cost to the welfare and continued health of our city.”

Currently, a City Planning Commission public hearing on the amendments is scheduled for February 27.