The City of New York has just announced winners of an interesting housing design competition titled “What if New York City…” The contest asked participants to design provisional post-disaster housing, for “the changing conditions of a hypothetical neighborhood, Prospect Shore, as it struggles through recovery after a catastrophic coastal storm hits New York City. ”  In the disaster scenario that the city created for this contest, the eye of Category 5 Hurricane Kirk makes landfall near Atlantic City.  The scenario explores what happens to the city, to the neighborhood, and to the people of “Prospect Shore” (which seems a lot like East New York).  It is an enlightening look into how the City envisions what would happen in such a situation.

The submissions were judged in the following categories: density, rapid deployment, site flexibility, unit flexibility, reusability, livability, accessibility, security, sustainability, identity, and cost-efficiency.  Winners were awarded $10,000 to develop their project further.  Check them out here.