New York Can Do Better Than ‘The New Fourth Avenue’ – Streetsblog examines the ongoing development of Fourth Avenue in Park Slope since it was upzoned in 2003. Marty Markowitz once called the street, “a grand boulevard of the 21st Century” However, Ben Fried notes, “the early returns are discouraging for anyone who hoped to see a walkable, mixed-use district take shape here.”

How City Government Failed the People – In today’s Columbia Spectator, City Council Member Tony Avella is, “astonished by the failure of the land use approval process to protect the West Harlem neighborhood and afford the community true input into the project.”

The Pratt Center for Community Development’s Transportation Equity Project is providing research in support of Communities United for Transportation Equity (COMM.U.T.E.), a coalition of community organizations around New York City advocating for mass-transit investment for underserved communities, funded through congestion pricing. Check out their map (warning: PDF) comparing low wages and long commutes.