One of the major tenets of the Campaign for Community-Based Planning’s platform is that planning in New York City should be changed from a “top-down” to a “bottom-up” model, one in which democracy plays a bigger role in planning and development than campaign contributions and back-room deals.

While we’re not going to weigh in on the Presidential race (although have been meaning to analyze the candidates’ stances on certain urban issues — perhaps a feature to expect closer to November), an email today from caught our eye. The group is circulating a petition that states, “The Democratic Party must be democratic. The superdelegates should let the voters decide between Clinton and Obama, then support the people’s choice.”

Many pundits are speculating that, since the race for the Democratic Party nomination has been so close, the ultimate choice may be determined by so-called “superdelegates,” a group of the 796 most senior members of the party, including Congresspeople, governors, former Presidents and high-level government officials, and others. As CNN reports today, many Democrats fear that this system will essentially quash the democratic process.

Those interested in signing the petition, which will be published in USA Today, can do so here. Democracy is about having a voice in your own future-no matter what color your state is.