This Saturday, opponents of Atlantic Yards held a community meeting focused on creating an expanded alternative plan for the Atlantic Yards footprint to accompany the UNITY Plan. Since Friday, Atlantic Yards Report has been all over some big news related to the site.

First, we learned that developer Bruce Ratner’s request for an expedited hearing of a pending lawsuit in state appellate court involving the project’s environmental impact statement was denied — the case will be heard in September. This delays the project further, with AY’s Norman Oder speculating that the earliest the arena could now open would be the 2011-2012 season.

Next, Oder reports that a Brooklyn woman who signed a lease to open a daycare center in the AY footprint, apparently unaware that the property was slated for demolition, received a $103k settlement from Ratner.

And finally, AYR has an in-depth look at a new flyer touting the projects very controversial community benefits agreement. This points in particular to the promised benefit of affordable housing, with no mention of the recent news that creation of the promised 2250 subsidized rentals and 600 to 1000 affordable for-sale units has been jeopardized by the current crisis in availability of affordable housing bonds.

Did anyone attend Saturday’s meeting? We would love to hear a report…