The NY Sun examines the ongoing negotiations between developer Sheldon Solow and the City Council regarding Solow’s proposed development on Manhattan’s East Side (rendering shown here). According to the article, “If [Council Member Tony] Avella’s committee doesn’t approve the project by a March 12 deadline, the developer would have to start essentially from scratch trying to make his way through the city’s uniform land use review procedure.”
In the meantime, City Room reports that Solow has courted the UN as a tenant for his proposed office tower.

The Downtown Express checks out some impressive plans for the redevelopment of Pier 13, put forth by a local group called Rivers Alive, and already approved by the Community Board! Now they just need many more approvals and $25 million…

Astroland is set to open its (for real this time) last season on Sunday March 16, but not all the news from Coney Island is fun and games: The Brooklyn Daily Eagle reports that two community gardens on City-owned land in Coney Island are likely to be sold to developers by next year.

Other notes:

The Landmarks Commission sent Domino’s developers back to the drawing board (WGPA)

DCP released its plans for the rezoning of DUMBO. (Daily Eagle)

69 percent of New Yorkers interviewed in a Columbia/Yale poll said it was likely that parts of New York City would need to be abandoned because of rising sea levels over the next 50 years. (City Room)