Beth Noveck over at Cairnes provided this example in an informative post on the use of state-of-the-art civic tools and processes in Connecticut,

“CityScan did one better by actively working with the institutions of local government in Connecticut’s most troubled cities. Instead of dumping information on them, the group worked out a strategy for collaboration between the institutions of government and community members. City Scan asked town officials to tell them (not the other way around) the number of derelict land-use sites, graffiti-defaced buildings and run-down parks the municipality will clean up each month. It them mobilized young people and seniors in their own neighborhoods to use digital cameras and handheld computers to hold the city accountable to its promise. City Scan used the state of the art technology — which at that time were digital cameras and first-generation PDAs — to prepare visual reports and maps created from the data.”

In the post Beth reviews several other examples of public engagement in the delivery of city services.

Tom Lowenhaupt