This week’s City Limits Magazine explores ongoing efforts by community groups in the East Village/Lower East Side to implement a new program, “Greening a Block.” Described as, “A new template for retrofitting old buildings,” Greening a Block would, “work with landlords, tenants and community groups to replace inefficient appliances and light fixtures, install insulation and better-sealed windows, and create jobs while reducing the environmental impact of existing city residences.”

While the article does address delays in the project, it and a companion piece say that it could be moving forward shortly – Community Board 3 has dedicated funds for the project from the $3.75 million Con Edison Environmental Settlement Fund, which was allocated to CB3 and environmental groups to support projects that would mitigate the adverse impacts of expanding its 14th Street facility. According to the article, “After Con Edison releases the funds, the project requires city and state approval. Organizers say they already have support from the necessary agencies.”

For more information, check out the Greening a Block Website.