Today’s Atlantic Yards Report has an interesting analysis of City Planning Commission Chair Amanda Burden’s recent interview on CUNY TV’s City Talk, in which she spoke about creating balanced growth in New York City, and about building community consensus around rezonings. Her comments shed light on her perspective about community-based planning (example: She agrees with the host’s assertion that what she wants is “esthetic democracy” because, “it’s better if it’s theirs; it’s more authentic, it’s real.”)

The post goes on to note that when it comes to substance rather than aesthetics, there can be a disconnect between community goals and City Planning’s actions, exemplified by DCP’s rezonings of Greenpoint-Williamsburg and Downtown Brooklyn. AYR’s message seems to be, once again: don’t be fooled by pretty pictures.

Also of note on AYR this week: Crain’s reports that the Atlantic Yards project has a 50% chance of being built.  However, according to the Daily Eagle, Forest City Ratner is one of only four developers that will receive the state’s allocation for tax exempt bond housing funds for the project.