This week, DCP passed two new amendments to the zoning text — one dealing with street trees, and another focused on greening front yards. DCP says that both of these amendments will help with implementation of PlaNYC, particularly with the Mayor’s goal of planting 1 million trees in New York City.

The Street Tree Planting Text Amendment requires one tree for every 25 ft. of street frontage for all new developments in zones other than industrial/manufacturing. If planting the required trees is “unfeasbile,” owners are required to plant trees offisite, or make a payment to the Parks Department, which will then plant the offsite trees. The amendment also requires the creation of planting strips off the sidewalk for all new residential and community facility developments in low-density districts.

The Yards Text Amendment includes a number of requirements, most notably a minimum percentage of planting in front yards in R1 – R5 Districts, based upon street frontage, ranging from 20% for narrow lots (less than 20′ wide) to 50% for lots 60 feet wide or greater. It also includes measures to encourage creation of rear yards for rowhouses and rear yard garages in low-density districts, and to prohibit steeply-sloped driveways in front yards.

The City Council now has until May 13 to vote on these amendments.

Photo via DCP.