In the Inbox today, an interesting event announcement from Habitatmap, a group which, according to its website, is on the verge of launching a new community mapping/social networking platform (neat!):

Virtual Toxic Tour and Community Mapping Workshop:

In collaboration with fellow Brooklyn activists, Brooke Singer ( and Emily Gallagher, Habitatmap invites you to participate in our Virtual Toxic Tour and Community Mapping Workshop. The workshop will take place this Saturday April 19th from 3-6 PM at Eyebeam, 540 W. 21st street between 10th and 11th. No rsvp is required.

The virtual tour will focus on groundwater contamination and hazardous vapor concerns in several areas of Greenpoint which are currently under evaluation (pdf 15mb) by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. We will explore the neighborhood’s historic and contemporary industries, detail the contaminants of concern, and discuss potential remedies. This case will serve as a reference point for participants as we work with them to document toxic exposures in their own neighborhoods, brainstorm effective community organizing strategies, and help them recruit a network of activist peers to their cause. The workshop is part of Eyebeam’s monthlong Feedback exhibition.”