Yesterday, the Landmarks Preservation Commission hosted a continuation of the public hearing on St. Vincent’s/Rudin Management Co.’s planned development in Greenwich Village.

According to our source, who attended the meeting, public testimony took about two hours, during which about 50 people testified, approximately 90% of whom opposed the plan.  St. Vincent’s then had 30-minutes to respond, followed by a 2-hour question/answer session between the Commissioners and St. Vincent’s CEO, lawyer and architects.

According to thee Observer, LPC Chair Bob Tierney stated that St. Vincent’s plan clearly needs rethinking: “‘You can reasonably infer from some of the lines of questioning that aspects of this proposal should be rethought and restudied,’ Mr. Tierney said in an e-mail yesterday.”

Still, as the Commission did not have adequate time to complete its questioning, the hearing will likely be continued again in early May.  Updates to come.