Tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of Mayor Bloomberg’s release of PlaNYC 2030. Following up on last week’s MAS/Campaign for Community-Based Planning panel, “PlaNYC 2030 Post-Bloomberg,” panelist and Community-Based Planning Task Force member Tom Angotti, Editor of Gotham Gazette’s Sustainability Watch, uses his column today to examine whether the sustainability plan is, in fact, sustainable.

Angotti says that what was missing from the creation of PlaNYC was a real community process. He writes, “In community-level planning, neighborhoods confront the ways that global issues play out in a very real and tangible way on the ground as they affect the daily lives of people. PlaNYC instead uses quantitative metrics that fail to resonate with the everyday lives of people in their communities.”

He continues, “Moving the debate beyond public relations and campaign rhetoric can… lead to a genuine top-down/bottom-up dialogue about how to construct a long-term plan for the city that is sustainable for generations to come.”

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