This edition of Friday Links Roundup has updates coming at us from all over the city.

In the Bronx, community members have responded to EDC’s announcement that Related Companies has been chosen as the developer of the Kingsbridge Armory (pictured at left), and will turn the historic building into a retail/entertainment/community facility complex. The community group, Kingsbridge Armory Redevelopment Alliance (KARA), is calling for a community benefits agreement for the project. The Eminent Domain writes that KARA, “is trying to wrest the whole concept of a community benefits agreement back from the jaws of elected officials who have perverted it beyond recognition,” and promises to provide updates from KARA members on their ongoing campaign and vision for the neighborhood.

In the Village, Crain’s gets community reactions from NYU’s latest presentation of its expansion plans.

In Harlem, Columbia-expansion-footprint holdout Nick Sprayregen has written an open letter to Columbia’s president Lee Bolinger on the university’s possible use of eminent domain in the Columbia Spectator. Here’s a sample: “I am adamant in my opposition to the possible use of eminent domain so that Columbia can take others’ private property to help it build a new campus. This is not how eminent domain should be used. Columbia is a private institution of privilege—it is not a fire station, highway or, indeed, a public school.”

In Gowanus, the proposed Sponge Park was revealed in detail.

Meanwhile, over at City Hall, Mayor Bloomberg released a PlaNYC 2030 one-year progress report, and is busy with find a new Commissioner for the Department of Buildings.