The Department of City Planning has certified a new rezoning plan encompassing 280 blocks in five neighborhoods on the Rocakway peninsula in Queens.  According to DCP’s website, the plan will:

“*Establish a low-scale framework to protect and reinforce established building scale in areas primarily containing one- and two-family homes, including the Rockaway’s emblematic oceanside bungalows;
*Ensure the provision of much needed front and side yards, street trees and sidewalk planting strips;
*Address community concerns for additional accessory parking requirements in auto dependent locations;
*Provide zoning flexibility for residents to enlarge one-family homes in Far Rockaway;
*Facilitate a mix of residential and commercial activities in select locations to strengthen existing contexts along wide streets and in areas close to transit.”

Queens Community Board 12 must complete its review of the proposal by June 30, after which it will proceed to the City Planning Commission and City Council for public hearings.

Image of Rockaway bunaglows via DCP.