As you have no doubt heard by now, the City Council approved the hotly-contested rezoning of 125th Street this week. This article from yesterday’s Times details a few of the many issues: gentrification, the increased law enforcement presence at the hearing, and of course, the Council’s negotiations on affordable housing. Toward the end of the story is this bit of interesting info:

“The Bloomberg administration and Ms. Dickens have said that an agreement they negotiated reserves 46 percent, or 1,758, of the 3,858 total new residential units that would be permitted to be built in the rezoned area as moderately priced housing.

But according to the formal agreement, signed on April 15 by Deputy Mayor Robert C. Lieber, only about 5 percent of the housing — or about 200 units — would be affordable for families earning $30,750 or less.”

Considering that, also according to the Times, the median income of Harlem/Morningside Heights is $23,429/year, the question remains: to whom is this new “affordable housing” affordable?