At this very moment at Brooklyn’s Borough Hall, developer Bruce Ratner is sponsoring “Brooklyn Day,” to celebrate the Atlantic Yards project with music, food, and guest appearances by Nets basketball players, the Reverend Al Sharpton, and other guest speakers.

Many opponents and elected officials believe that the rally (for which Ratner is footing the bill), is an attempt to generate a false sense of community support for the project, as a prelude to asking for more government subsidies.

According to No Land Grab, the Building and Construction Trades Council has actually shut down all Downtown Brooklyn job sites so that members can attend the rally. But what of the average Brooklynite? How out of touch with Brooklyn must Ratner be to sponsor a rally at 11am on a Thursday, when most regular people are at work? Or perhaps he knows that community members wouldn’t attend anyway.

Develop, Don’t Destroy Brooklyn’s Daniel Goldstein summed it up nicely: “For a project long sold as a ‘done deal’ today’s ‘rally’ is a desperate attempt to boost a deal that’s come undone and is on the precipice of failure. Confident developers simply don’t manufacture extravaganzas like today’s.”