As the first class of City Council members elected under the term limits law in 2001 prepares to leave office next year, the New York Times notes that 20 of the 35 Council members who are being term-limited out have filed with the Campaign Finance Board to run for another position.  Meanwhile, “at least a dozen” people who are planning to run for open Council seats, “have budding or established political careers.”

So has the term-limits law “take(n) the power away from the politicians and return(ed) it to the people,” as originally intended?  The article has politicians and advocates from both sides of the issue weighing in.  This is definitely an important read considering that speculation is rampant that Mayor Bloomberg’s upcoming Charter Revision Commission will look into changing Mayoral term limits.  Since the Commission will be examining the entire City Charter, a change to Council term limits could be on the table for discussion as well.