Back in February, when decided to follow the public process for the City’s Coney Island Rezoning, explaining each phase in detail, we didn’t know just how complicated things would get. Now, the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Economic Development has scheduled a second public scoping hearing for June 24.

February’s post explains the public scoping process in detail, and we encourage you to revisit that in preparation for the upcoming hearing. The reason for the second hearing is that the City has modified its plan so dramatically since February that it required a revised Environmental Assessment, and a revised Draft Scope of Work for the Environmental Impact Statement. (Both documents are available for download here).

According to the Department of City Planning, the major changes to the plan include reducing the amount of mapped parkland from 15 to 9 acres, and increasing the area of Coney East from 9 to 15 acres, which will be zoned for enclosed amusements, entertainment retail, and hotels.

The process for this scoping hearing remains the same as February’s, but comments must be made on the updated documents.

The public Scoping Meeting will be held on Tuesday February 24, 2008 at 6:00 PM at Abraham Lincoln High School, 2800 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, NY. The public may also respond in writing, to:

New York City Economic Development Corporation
110 William Street
New York, New York 10038
Attention: Rachel Belsky, Vice-President