Yesterday, during the last scheduled day of the legislative session in Albany, New York lawmakers reached a new deal on the revitalization of brownfield sites. Newsday reports:

“The old brownfields cleanup program provided tax credits of 10 to 22 percent of the cost of cleaning up and redeveloping contaminated land. But the program was suspended last year after spending $3.1 billion on a little more than 200 projects.

Under the old formulas, developers were able to claim tax credits of more than $100 million to redevelop sites in midtown Manhattan and other economically vibrant areas that had only scant contamination. This time around, Paterson said, the state will boost its maximum share of cleanup costs from 20 percent to 50 percent of the costs; it also will give tax credits for redeveloping the site equal to no more than three times the cost of cleanup, or $35 million, whichever is less. Manufacturing sites would get up to six times the cost of cleanup, or $45 million.”

According to the article, some involved in this legislation remained skeptical that the new program would benefit low-income communities or guarantee community benefits.