Transportation Alternatives has a new contest called Designing the 21st Century Street, which asks entrants to submit design proposals for the intersection of Fourth Avenue and Ninth Street in Brooklyn. The design should “apply a green transportation hierarchy – pedestrians first, bicyclists second, cars third.” The winner will receive a $6000 prize. According to the website, “We are especially interested in ideas from unconventional street designers, including students from all grades (K-12), community groups, block associations and artists.”

City Room examines yet another result of community boards’ meager budgets – lack of language interpretation services, and the implications for important community issues such as the rezoning of the linguistically-diverse Lower East Side. “We don’t have a specific policy,” said Susan Stetzer, the district manager for Manhattan Community Board 3. “The city has no resources for us. It’s a very difficult problem.”

In historic preservation, a proposal by the 93rd St. Beautification Association to require a 90-day review period for demolitions of historically significant buildings that are more than 50 years old is gaining some momentum, according to The Real Estate.

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