On Wednesday, July 23, the City Planning Commission will take public testimony on four of its proposed rezonings at it stated meeting, which begins at 10am at 22 Reade Street. The four projects are:

1) St. George Special District, Staten Island – This rezoning of Staten Island’s transit hub covers four main areas: new retail regulations to encourage pedestrian-friendly shopping streets; allowing easy conversion of vacant office space to residential; regulating building height/bulk to maintain waterfront views; and regulating parking to encourage an active streetscape.

2) Laurelton Rezoning, Queens – This plan seeks to downzone much of this residential neighborhood in southeast Queens, while providing for some modest housing development along Merrick and Springfield boulevards.

3) Waldheim Rezoning, Queens – This plan is primarily a downzoning for a residential area near Downtown Flushing.

4) Dutch Kills Rezoning, Queens – This plan is an extension of the existing Special Long Island City Mixed-Use District, and seeks to encourage a mixed-use environment and the creation of affordable housing.