The NY Times checks in with two places that are much-loved by very different segments of the Williamsburg population: La Marqueta (or Moore Street Market) is on the verge of being saved from the wrecking ball, while the coming renovations of McCarren Pool beg the question, what of the Pool Parties? Also over at the Times, Roland Lewis of MWA is answering your waterfront questions on the City Room blog.

The Center for an Urban Future released a study (PDF) this week quantifying what we’ve all been noticing for a while: New York City has an awful lot of chain stores and restaurants. Dunkin’ Donuts boasts the most locations: 341 total in the five boroughs. Yes, you read that right.

Gowanus Lounge gave us surprising news this week: the toxic Gowanus canal may actually help cure cancer. Yes, you also read that right.

Are you a cyclist (particularly a Critical Mass rider) that believes you have suffered from inappropriate police action? Streetsblog has info about how to contact the Five Borough Bike Club – they want to hear your story.