We first told you about Habitatmap back in April, and now they’re back with the official launch of their online mapping and community networking site.

From their materials:”Habitatmap makes it easy to share neighborhood information, organize events and actions, and recruit supporters to your cause. Once you’ve established a profile page you’ll be able to: create and share thematic maps, use the forums to plan an event or discuss neighborhood issues, attract and retain supporters by recruiting them to your ‘action alert network’, and much much more.”

They have created an example of how this can work along with the Newtown Creek Alliance:

“Utilizing Habitatmap’s community mapping platform, the Newtown Creek Alliance – an organization dedicated to restoring community health, water quality, habitat, access, and vibrant water-dependent commerce along Newtown Creek – assembled several thematic maps in support of their work.”

If you are an existing organization or community group and would like to collaborate with Habitatmap to map your neighborhood and organize your community, please contact them at info(at)habitatmap(dot)org.

UPDATE: Links now working!