According to an agreement signed in 2005, the Department of Sanitation was required to move its salt storage and truck parking facility off the Gansevoort Peninsula by May 1 of this year, so that the site may be incorporated into Hudson River Park. That has yet to happen, but DOS has drafted plans for two new facilities. Under the DOS plan, the current District 1 Garage at 297 West Street would be replaced with a salt shed to hold 4,000 tons of salt, and a new garage for districts 1, 2, and 5 would be constructed at West and Spring Streets. These plans have faced longstanding community opposition.

Earlier this month, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer recommended disapproval of the salt shed site, saying that the City should find an alternate place for the salt shed and instead work with the community to turn the current site into publicly accessible open space. He also recommended conditional disapproval of the new garage facility, saying that while a new garage for districts 1 and 2 made sense, the Department should find an alternate site for trucks that serve District 5 in midtown.

The City Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on DOS’s plans at 10am on Wednesday, August 27 at 22 Reade St. The link to the Draft Environmental Impact Statement on DOS’s website seems to be broken, but a summary is available online here. (PDF)