In yet more news relating to tomorrow’s mega-hearing at the City Planning Commission, Crain’s is reporting that a group of 30 City Council members (that’s a majority) led by Council Member Hiram Monseratte, who represents the district that includes Willets Point, have drafted a letter to CPC saying they are in “absolute opposition” to the plan.

“Unfortunately, this is a product of a flawed process that has continuously ignored the requests of the community in pursuit of a top-down planning process that sets a dangerous precedent for large-scale development projects citywide,” they wrote.

According to the article, “the council members say they will not support the plan unless eminent domain is taken off the table in negotiations with landowners; half of the 5,500 housing units are guaranteed to be affordable; a comprehensive relocation and compensation plan for small business owners and employees is put in place; and a community benefits agreement that includes traffic mitigation is implemented.”

This leaves the City’s Economic Development Corporation, the agency that created the plan, basically no choice other than to negotiate with the Council, which will vote on the plan in November.