Something we missed while on vacation last week: Transportation Alternatives issued a report titled Suburbanizing the City: How New York City Parking Requirements Lead to More Driving (PDF). According to this document, New York City zoning regulations mandating parking at new residential developments will increase auto ownership rates and add over 1 billion annual vehicle miles traveled (VMT) by 2030.

To accompany the report, a coalition of local civic organizations, including Task Force member groups the Municipal Art Society, the Pratt Center for Community Development, and the Regional Plan Association, among others, sent a letter to Mayor Bloomberg urging the administration to undertake the following reforms:

1. Fully assess the amount of existing and planned off-street parking.
2. Consider measures to significantly reduce required parking.
3. Revise environmental laws so that parking impacts are fully accounted for.
4. Freeze special permits and stop directly subsidizing new parking.

We recommend checking out the report, as well as Streetsblog’s ongoing analysis: (The Parking Cure, Step 1: Diagnose the Problem; and The Parking Cure, Part 2: Do the Right Tests).