Last month, we covered the marathon City Planning Commission public hearing concerning the East Village/Lower East Side Rezoning, Hunters Point South housing development plan, and Willets Point redevelopment. Last week, CPC followed up on two of those plans, approving both the Hunters Point South and Willets Point Plans.

According to the Gotham Gazette, The Commission’s modifications to the Willets Point plan, “focus primarily on incorporating green building standards within the mixed-use development. Incentives were given for car sharing programs (car sharing equals greater number of parking spaces in a development) and encouraging the incorporation of green roofs. Other changes address a green median for the primary retail street to act as a stormwater management element, solar orientation of buildings and including a varied design for the development’s taller buildings.”

The Willets Point plan still faces much opposition from the City Council, which now has 50 days to make its determination.

The CPC has until October 10 to make its determination about the East Village/Lower East Side rezoning.