Rumors have been flying today that tomorrow morning, Mayor Bloomberg will announce plans to extend term limits for local elected officials for four more years through a vote in City Council.  Despite the fact that many council members planning to run for other offices would have to return large sums of money should they decide to run again for their own seats, the Times reported in August that a majority of council members support the proposed change.

Task Force member organization Citizens Union weighed in on the issue, saying in a statement that any changes to term limts should not apply to those currently in office.  They also called for a Charter Revision Commission to undertake a thorough review of the issue, culminating in a public vote:  

“Citizens Union agrees that there may be compelling reasons to permit elected officials to seek three, four-year terms. However, the Mayor and the Council should not make this change without the benefit of public input and citizen approval. Such action would violate the principles of good government and undermine the practice of municipal democracy that Citizens Union supports. The voters enacted term limits and only the voters should be able to amend them.

Any attempt to change these limits by legislation would undermine New Yorkers confidence in government by making it appear that our elected officials are acting in their own self-interest rather than in the public interest. The expressed will of the citizens rises above all other considerations.”