The City Council now has less than five weeks to give its official stamp of approval or disapproval to the Ctiy Economic Development Corportation’s proposed redevelopment of Willets Point.   A majority of Council Members have come out against the plan as it stands, so the City is hard at work lobbying the Council in an attempt to to move the project forward.

According to the Observer, “City officials say they have met individually or in small groups with at least 10 to 20 council members over the past two weeks alone; the city-funded Flushing/Willets Point/Corona Local Development Corporation plans to meet one by one with the Queens delegation between this week and last; and labor unions are adding pressure in support of the plan, with a rally slated for City Hall on Friday.

The rush comes as council members and others involved in the process say that the fate of the Willets Point proposal is marked by far more uncertainty than almost any other rezoning plan that has made it to this late stage of the city’s seven-month approval process in recent years. The Bloomberg administration often boasts that every one of its 87 rezoning plans have made it through the Council thus far, and city officials have little desire to see their Willets Point plan, as a priority and legacy project, suffer an almost unprecedented defeat in the Council.”