Our friends at OpenCongress.org have just rolled out a handy tool that breaks down, side-by-side, Obama and McCain’s votes in the Senate. From the bailout bill, to a timeline from withdrawal from Iraq, to immigration and healthcare reforms, this site provides readers with more information about many important bills and compares the candidates’ voting records with each other, and with the parties as a whole.

For a shorthand, check out their blog post on how each candidate voted in 50 key Senate votes, broken down by category.

Finally, check out their breakdown of each candidate’s legislative accomplishments.

And, most importantly, remember to vote tomorrow!

PS. Just a note that OpenCongress is a great tool to use all the time, not only for election information. You can learn more about your elected officials, monitor the bills in which you are most interested, share your opinions, and connect with other activists. Kudos to them for promoting civic engagement!