Recently, with the help of the Newtown Creek Alliance and HabitatMap, residents of east Greenpoint and Williamsburg have learned about contaminant plumes of chlorinated solvents (TCE & PCE) in their neighborhood’s soil and groundwater. Caused by local industry such as dry cleaners and soap manufacturers, these pollutants have been linked to the development of autoimmune diseases, birth defects, nervous system disorders, infertility, and cancer.

On Wednesday morning, brownfields experts Lenny Siegel and Peter Strauss will lead a walking tour of the area. They will also answer questions about hazardous vapor intrusion in homes, the health effects of TCE/PCE exposure, and how to get the Meeker Ave. Plumes mitigated and remediated.

Visit HabitatMap’s interactive map for more information on the contaminated area. For a larger version of the map above, visit the Newtown Creek Alliance.

Where & When:
Meet at the corner of Kingsland Ave. & Norman Ave. at 9:00am on Wednesday 11/19 (MAP)

More about Lenny Siegel after the jump.

About Lenny Siegel
Lenny Siegel has been Executive Director of the Center for Public Environmental Oversight (formerly CAREER/PRO) since 1994. He has been director of the Pacific Studies Center, in Mountain View, since 1970. He is one of the environmental movement’s leading experts on military facility contamination, and he has served on numerous advisory committees in that area. His organization runs Internet forums both on military environmental issues and brownfields. He is a member of several advisory committees, including the California Brownfields Revitalization Advisory Group, the Interstate Technology & Regulatory Council’s work team on Perchlorate, and the Moffett Field (former Moffett Naval Air Station) Restoration Advisory Board. He has served on U.S. EPA’s Negotiated Rulemaking Committee on All Appropriate Inquiry, the ASTM/ISR Steering Committee on Brownfields Restoration, and the National Environmental Justice Advisory Council Federal Facilities Working Group.