Tomorrow (Tuesday, December 9), affordable housing advocates from all over the city, including Tenants and Neighbors and Housing Here and Now will hold a rally to repeal vacancy decontrol.

Vacancy decontrol is the loophole in the rent laws that allows landlords to take apartments out of rent regulation and convert them to market rent when the legal regulated rent reaches $2,000 a month and the apartment becomes vacant. Because of vacancy decontrol, New York is losing thousands of affordable apartments every year.

Check out Housing Here and Now’s Talking Points about vacancy decontrol and the rally. It not only explains the severity of the problem, but also explains the goal of the rally: “Last year, the Assembly voted to repeal vacancy decontrol. This year, we need both the Assembly and Senate to pass this bill. Now that the Senate has turned Democrat we think we can win, and push the Legislature to repeal vacancy decontrol.”

The rally will be held at the Society for Ethical Culture, 2 West 64th Street at Central Park West. Spanish interpretation and childcare will be provided.