On December 2, a coalition of civic leaders, neighborhood advocates, community development organizations, labor unions, affordable housing groups, environmentalists, immigrant advocates, and other stakeholders launched One City/One Future: A Blueprint for Growth that Works for All New Yorkers. The Community-Based Planning Task Force is part of this broad and diverse coalition, which is led by New York Jobs With Justice, the National Employment Law Project, and the Pratt Center for Community Development.

The document provides 54 recommendations for policies following three fundamental strategies:

  • Raise the Standards: Government should set clear standards for economic activity in New York City, especially activity that benefits from public spending or actions. Meeting these standards — whether they concern the quality of jobs created or the environmental sustainability of new buildings — must be a prerequisite for anyone doing business with the city.
  • Invest for Shared Growth: The city and state currently spend billions keeping New York’s economy humming. These investments in housing, transportation, and employment need to be designed and managed with the explicit objective of improving opportunity and strengthening neighborhoods.
  • Reform the Process: Planning and development must take place in an open and democratic environment, in which communities and the city work as partners, not adversaries, with the objective of building a prosperous city on the strength of livable neighborhoods.

The Task Force contributed policy recommendations dealing with planning reform. These include a call to implement a citywide planning framework that represents a conversation between the City and communities, as well as recommendations for how to make community boards effective partners.

The full report is available for download at onecityonefuture.org.