Beginning tomorrow, the Brecht Forum will host a six-part series of workshops focused on building consensus.  From their site:

Consensus Mechanics: Decision-making as Change

Consensus Mechanics is a study of Consensus Decision-making as a revolutionary and liberating tradition. This course will explore Consensus as historically cultural practice, and examine the diverse threads which have converged in the contemporary practice of Consensus in American communities: from Quakers, to intentional communities, to leftist
coalitions. We will look in depth at the structure of, and beliefs embodied by, the consensus decision-making process. Participants will learn the practical skills and tools that make Consensus work – including Active Listening, Co/Facilitation, Agenda Planning, and Mediation – through discussion, storytelling, games, and role plays.

Autumn Brown is a mother, organizer, theologian, artist, and facilitator.  She is a founding member of the Rock Dove Collective, a radical community health exchange, and Past President of the Fertility Awareness Center of New York. Trained in Consensus Process and Facilitation by the U.K.-based collective  Seeds for Change, Autumn is experienced in facilitating group process and training community organizers in Consensus Decision-making. She has taught and presented in New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Montpelier and Tokyo, and is currently based in Brooklyn.

Cost is on a sliding scale $65-$100 for six sessions, or free for Brecht Forum subscribers.