Newsday reports today that agreement in Albany on a bailout plan for the $1.2 billion-in-debt MTA is unlikely to happen by the MTA’s Wednesday deadline:

“Paterson and the Assembly’s Democratic majority back a plan from a state commission led by former MTA chief Richard Ravitch that would close the $1.2-billion budget deficit with new tolls on the now-free East River and Harlem River spans, such as the Brooklyn Bridge, and a payroll tax on employers in the 12 counties served by the authority.

At least seven Democrats in the State Senate majority oppose the bridge tolls. And the Republican minority objects to the payroll tax and absence of a plan to improve roads and bridges upstate and on Long Island. So the 32 votes needed in the Senate aren’t there.”

As the deadline draws closer, groups around the city are working to get the word out to constituents and help people contact their State representatives.

The Regional Plan Association has recently mapped the proposed service cuts by Senate and Assembly District, and on an interactive map.  Comptroller Thompson’s office has also created a similar interactive map.

Last week, a group of representatives from a number of City organizations attended a lobby day in Albany.  They brought back this film documenting their efforts.

Transportation Alternatives relased a funny video depicting the “MTA 2009 Telethon,” but will also be hosting a very serious phone-a-thon on Wednesday from 8am to noon with tables, phones and district maps stationed on the south side of Union Square.

Use these websites to find the contact information of your State Senator and Assemblyperson.