Preservation Vision NYC was a year-long project that gathered professionals and activists from New York City’s historic preservation community to discuss the movement’s future over the next 20-30 years.  The project consisted of an online survey, a number of roundtable discussions, a weekend retreat, and a one-day workshop.

The project culminated in a report, intended to organize the results of these events and provide a guide for the movement going forward.  It outlines the main priorities for the movement established during the Preservation Vision process:

  • address environmental sustainability
  • undertake serious research
  • expand incentives
  • implement more land use regulations
  • strengthen the Landmarks Law
  • contribute to community livability
  • focus messaging & branding
  • expand alliances & diversity
  • identify new sources of funding
  • enhance education

Download the full report here.

Also, on a related note, Historic Districts Council Executive Director Simeon Bankoff is taking questions about preserving NYC’s historic districts this week at the NY Times City Room blog.