In the Inbox today, a message from City Council Speaker Quinn on the Council’s ongoing efforts to end vacancy decontrol and return regulation of NYC’s housing policy to the Council:

“The New York City Council has approved and sent to the State Legislature two home rule messages in support of measures under consideration in Albany that will preserve affordable housing by:

  • Eliminating the vacancy decontrol provision of the State’s rent-regulation system under which apartments are no longer subject to rent regulations upon vacancy if the rent for those apartments is $2,000 a month or more; and
  • Repealing the “Urstadt Law” and returning control over our City’s housing policy to where it belongs – in the hands of the City Council.

The State Assembly passed these measures, A.2005, and A.1688, respectively, back in February.  The votes by the City Council add an important voice in support of these reforms.  Both bills must still be approved in the State Senate and signed by the Governor if they are to become law.

We need you to add your voice to those supporting these important reforms.  Contact your state elected officials by telephone, fax or e-mail and urge them to support an end to vacancy decontrol and the repeal of the infamous Urstadt Law.

To learn who your state representatives are, please check the following links:

To stay informed on steps that are being taken locally to preserve affordable housing, you can check the City Council’s website.  You can also visit the Tenants and Neighbors’ website for upcoming activities in support of affordable housing.”