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Yesterday, the Department of City Planning proposed a new zoning text amendment that will require indoor, secure, long-term bicycle parking in new multi-family residential, commercial, and community facility construction.

With commuter cycling on the rise in the City, this new amendment seeks to support current riders and encourage new ones, while decreasing congestion and air pollution. The DCP website outlines the details, including the fact that these bike parking areas would not count toward a building’s floor area.

ULURP for this proposal will begin with review by all community boards starting November 17.

Photo of indoor bike parking at a Portland, Oregon office building by Mark Stosberg on Flickr.


The mixed industrial/residential neighborhood of Red Hook, Brooklyn has a beautiful Manhattan view – but actually getting to and from that other borough can be problematic.  The closest subway stop to the neighborhood, the Smith/9th St. F/G, is a mile away.

Now, the Forum for Urban Design is hoping to brand the neighborhood with a new identity – a haven for cyclists and a model for sustainable development.  The Forum’s Red Hook Bicycle Master Plan and Design Competition has three components: 1) a bike garage/loft at the Smith/9th St. F/G stop; dedicated bike lanes to connect the neighborhood to this stop; and of course, the all-important identification of a funding source for the project.

Brooklyn Community Board 6 will consider the competition at its full board meeting on May 14.  Those interested in competing must register by June 2.  Check out the site for more info.

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