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The building that was once Albee Square Mall, the gateway to Downtown Brooklyn’s Fulton Street Mall shopping area, is now a construction site. Eventually, a mixed-use tower development called CityPoint is planned for the site. In the meantime, the Brooklyn Paper reports, Albee Square, the triangular intersection of Fulton Mall, DeKalb Avenue and Bond Street, is “a wasteland.”

According to the article, the City’s Department of Transportation and Economic Development Corporation will hold a hearing on Tuesday, November 18 to collect ideas for the site. The meeting will take place at 5pm at St. Francis College (180 Remsen St., between Court and Clinton streets, room 6301). Call 718-222-7271 for info.


In 2004, the City approved an extensive rezoning of Downtown Brooklyn. The Pratt Center for Community Development has now released a study titled, “Downtown Brooklyn’s Detour: The Unanticipated Impacts of Rezoning and Development on Residents and Businesses,” (PDF) which it prepared for the advocacy group Families United for Racial and Economy Equality (FUREE).

Pratt Center Director Brad Lander told the Village Voice, “What we mostly found is what members of FUREE already know: The unanticipated impacts of development have not been good for low- and moderate-income people.” As the Voice reports, the study finds that, “100 businesses have already been displaced, as many as projected by the city for the entire rezoning area. And because the new development has been residential and not commercial, there hasn’t even been a corresponding growth in jobs for local residents.”

FUREE staged a protest in Downtown Brooklyn today to correspond with the study’s release. The goal of the protest was to call out developer (and Mayoral candidate) John Castimatidis for failing to deliver on a promised, much-needed supermarket on his Downtown Brooklyn condo development site.

Coming Thursday: Downtown Brooklyn Transportation Blueprint Study Open House (Streetsblog)

Brooklyn writers have produced a book of essays to benefit the anti-Atlantic Yards effort (Develop, Don’t Destroy Brooklyn)

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The last day to register to vote before New York’s primary is Friday. You can download a registration form here.

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