The Campaign for Community-Based Planning is a coalition effort staffed by the Municipal Art Society Planning Center.  The Community-Based Planning Task Force is leading the effort to create a more meaningful role for communities in New York City’s planning and decision-making processes. Based on the premise that the people who live and work in a neighborhood are among the best-equipped to plan for the future of that neighborhood, the Campaign for Community-Based Planning is laying the groundwork for the formal adoption of community-based planning as official New York City policy.

  • 2000 – The Community-Based Planning Task Force is founded by a coalition of community, environmental and professional groups.
  • 2001 – The Campaign organizes City Council and mayoral candidate forums.
  • 2002 – The MAS Planning Center and Hunter College organize Planning into Practice: A Conference for Community-Based Groups, Planners & Professionals, attended by nearly 400 participants.
  • 2003 – The Municipal Art Society Planning Center launches CITI, the Community Information Technology Initiative to provide community-based organizations with maps, data and techical assistance to suuport local planning efforts.
  • 2004 – At Community-Based Planning in New York City: Summit 2004, more than 100 representatives from community-based organizations, community boards, environmental justice organizations, academic institutions and city agencies come together at the Urban Center for a series of comprehensive workshops on the role of communities in New York’s planning process.
  • 2005 – The Community-Based Planning Task Force issued a report, Livable Neighborhoods for a Livable City, detailing specific, realistic steps New York City should take to improve the capacity of communities to make and implement plans that address their diverse needs. (Click here to download a pdf of the report)
  • 2005 – At the request of the Charter Revision Commission, the campaign submitted recommendations for changes to the City Charter. (click here to download a pdf of the recommendations)
  • Current – the Community-Based Planning Task Force and the Municipal Art Society have drafted Planning for All New Yorkers, a set of legislative proposals that has the potential to create dramatic changes in New York City’s planning process. We are currently in the process of building a coalition of support for this initiative.
For more information, and/or to endorse the Campaign for Community-Based Planning, contact:

Lacey Tauber

Community Liaison, Municipal Art Society Planning Center

457 Madison Ave.,

New York, NY 10022

phone: 212.935.3960 x 261

fax: 212.753.1816