This Saturday, May 31, the South Brooklyn Accountable Development Initiative (a project of the Fifth Avenue Committee) is hosting the People’s Accountable Development Summit. The summit seeks to create dialogue and forge alliances among residents and various community stake holders in Brooklyn facing large developments, re-zonings and other land use changes.

The centerpiece of the Summit will be a series of panel discussions on four major accountable development topics: Housing, Labor, Environment, and Process.

The Summit will take place at PS 282 in Park Slope, Brooklyn, 180 6th Avenue (btw. Lincoln and Berkley) . It is free, and food, Spanish translation, and childcare will be provided. For more information, contact Dave Powell at or 718-237-2017 ext 148.

Check out the full schedule after the jump.



Registration, breakfast


Opening remarks (Michelle de la Uz), keynote speaker, pledge from elected officials

10:15am—10:30am * BREAK *



“Protecting Tenants, Building Affordable Housing” an exploration of inclusionary zoning; affordable housing preservation; special districts and more…

– Brad Lander, Pratt Center for Community Development

– Julia Fitzgerald, Neighbors Helping Neighbors

– Bennett Baumer, Housing Conservation Coordinators

– Alison Cordero, St. Nicholas NPC

– Deb Howard, Pratt Area Community Council

Moderator: Michelle de la Uz, Fifth Avenue Committee


“Living Wages, Fair Returns”, an exploration of local job training and hiring; living wage jobs, worker safety, leveraging government subsidies for real community benefits and more…

– Elly Spicer, NYC Carpenters Labor-Management Cooperation Trust Fund

– Betina Damiani, Good Jobs New York

– Evelyn Zumba, Latin American Workers Project (Proyecto de los Trabajadores Latino Americanos)

– Carrie Brunk, Jobs With Justice

– David Pratt, New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health

Moderator: Jeremy Reiss, Community Service Society

(Both panels will run 1.5 hours, simultaneously)

12:00pm—12:15pm * BREAK *



“Healthy Homes, Sustainable Communities”, an exploration of sustainable design, transit equity, environmental justice and more…

Gita Nandan, Thread Collective

– Ericka Stallings, Coalition for Asthma Free Homes/NY Immigration Coalition

– Bob Zuckerman, Gowanus Canal Conservancy/Gowanus Canal Community Development Corporation

– Elena Conte, Communities United for Transit Equity/Pratt Center for Community Development

– Cecil Corbin Mark (WE ACT for Environmental Justice)

Moderator: Artemio Guerra, Fifth Avenue Committee


“Planning to the People”, an exploration of community planning, community action, efforts to increase government transparency in the development process and more…

Tom Angotti, Gotham Gazette/Hunter College

– Pat Jones, Community Board 9, Manhattan

– Craig Hammerman, Community Board 6, Brooklyn

– Theo Moore, Families United for Racial and Economic Equality

– Sam Miller, Picture the Homeless

Moderator: Rosten Woo, Center for Urban Pedagogy

(Both panels will run 1.5 hours, simultaneously)


Closing remarks, lunch, entertainment.